Teen 13
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2003-02-11 13:33:51 (UTC)

My Way To Flirt... Never Works?

Eversince before I've always wanted to have my way... No
buts no refusing just doing what I want... when I want
someone to be mine (speaking of friends, boyfriends...
etc.) I want him and try to flirt... no joke. I call and
tell him I like him then we start texting, calling
eachother, chatting blah blah... but then I tell him who I
am... and thats it or he just begins to consider me a
friend and talks lesser and lesser to me (not all the
time :P). Here in Finland there are handsome and
goodlooking guys... but unlike in Philippines who guys
consider me as cute and loveable and I've had 3 bfs there
(Lucky guy #1. Womanizer. Lucky guy #2. Broke up with me
after a week for NO GOOD reason. Lucky guy #3. I miss
him... he was the only one I felt who loved me... and yet
before I left to study in Finland :family reasons:... I
called it quits... for NO GOOD reason... :P.S. 3 years
older than me:)

Fine, fine. I like guys... CUTE and/or handsome guys.
Taller and not shorter... shorter guys... are well...
SHORT! Currently I am "inlove" with a guy in my class
called JJ. He has blonde not too long hair and dark brown
eyes. Eyes which resemble mine... he sits infront of me in
class in a seating arrangement which is girl, boy, girl,
boy manner... He's really funny, but doesnt take girls
seriously... he takes them as a... play toy... a doll with
whom you can have fun with... he's not serious... but
I "love" him. He makes jokes alot. And as much as I want
to send him a valentines card... it'd be to obvious that I
did it. He doesnt care if a girl likes him but he makes
jokes at her... thats good right? But then I'm not like
that. But I want him to know my feelings though...

I have lots of friends but only one bestfriend and
another good friend to whom I tell my secrets to. But I
only tell my bestfriend my dreams... But come to consider
it... the readers dont know me so... my dream:
"I sat on a branch of an apple tree my other leg lazily
swaying and my other on the branch stretched out. I sat
there with my bestfriend in the whole wide world who was
on a branch almost below me. It was a Saturday morning.
Infront of the apple tree, after the street was a house. A
brick wall went around it and a big tall wooden gate. I
had to climb higher to get a glimpse of what was inside...
but all I could see was the roof. I saw a guard opent the
gate and a boy stepped out. He had jeans, and a big shirt
and a school back pac swayed on his shoulder, he was
wearing sunglasses. He stepped into the black car with
windows tinted black and they drove off... I noticed I was
late for school and climbed down the leafy apple tree...

... me and my bestfriend after school saw the boy. He
walked passed me... but I just stood there... like I was a
tree... I saw him approach a girl... he put his arm around
her and took a Hope cigarette out of his pocket and
started smoking putting his sunglasses down to his nose.
Dark brown eyes... beautiful eyes... exactly like mine
(get the drift... :P)... I just stood there a few meters
away from him... standing... watching... and then he
looked at me... his cigarette fell and..." I woke up for
pete's sake! It was wonderful... but what was weird was
that... the boy was JJ... anyway I'm tired of writing. Bye
and oh we have Ski break next week :P! Its winter here :P!

P.S. I'm turning 13 on March 20! :P

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