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2001-09-23 16:00:59 (UTC)

Dream a little dream

It seems I am always dreamin' a little dream. My head is
always in the clouds. Like a lost little Disney Princess, I
am lost in the woods and can't find my way out without some
handsome prince. But are the good ones ever really that
handsome? I think they become more handsome as you get to
know them. The most unlikely one, is usually the right one -
for me anyway. The one guy you didn't think of
romantically, will be the one who sweeps you off your feet.
I believe I was put on this earth to love all or as many
people as possible, but only one would I love with my
entire self. Who that is, I still don't know. But I don't
have to, because I am young. I wish that I could see my
fate, see my love so that I could look for him now.
Until I know who I am meant to be with, I will date. I
will meet lots of nice guys and go on many dates. Getting
to know someone is the best part of dating. We will talk
and smile and laugh and share a good meal.
Josh drives me crazy for so many reasons. The way he
talks to me is confusing. The messages he sends out are so
mixed that I can never tell if we are best friends or
friends that refuse to admit our true feelings. No one else
makes me laugh the way he can. No one else makes me think,
except Professors, the way he does. No other guy makes me
want to smile because I must appreciate what I have. No one
else is so honest with me about not just my strengths, but
my weaknesses too. He really is wonderful.
But then there is Robert. I'm just getting to know him.
Slowly. I'm picking up on some of his secrets, through the
things he says. He is a very special person. We have fun
together, but I don't feel as comfortable to talk with him
as I do with Josh. But Robert is here with me, and Josh is
so far away.
I am soo confused.

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