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2001-09-23 15:54:10 (UTC)

What Just Happened?

I went over to this guys house last night. We have been
talking for about 3 or 4 months. He said that he wanted me
to bake him the brownies I promsied him. I told him I don't
have access to an oven , and I can't get them to you. He
told me that I could come over and bake them there. So, he
came over and we went to the store and then to his house.
Baking was so funny. There are 4 guys and one girl in that
house so it is not set up for baking. We even had to have
someone bring over a mixer. We eventually got the brownies
in the oven and went to sit down and watch tv. I didn't
know exactly what was going on. I mean friends, more than
friends what. I know we met eachother off of personals
(yeah yeah laugh at me all you want) but a lot has happened
since we met. I mean I was dating another guy and stuff
like that. I sat kinda close to him but not like in his
arms because I didn't know if I should. Well, eventually we
ended up in eachothers arms. Then the roaming hands. Then
we decided that there are way too many people in the house
to be in the living room with roaming hands. So we went
into his room and well yeah we know where that went. Well
kinda I was like sorry buddy your not protected. That
doesn't mean we couldn't have a lot of fun though =)I was
laughing because how did we go from innocent brownies to
there? I told him that and he's like we could bring the
brownies in here and have a whole lot of fun. It's cool
though cause I have the best of both worlds. I thought if I
had a Christian guy like I wanted all the physical stuff I
just discovered would go out the window. So yeah wierd
night last night.

Then my step mom is actually volunterring to take me to the
DMV. I don't have enough time to tell you how wierd tht one

Crazy stuff =)

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