just me...
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2003-02-11 11:39:48 (UTC)

good news...for me at least

so today, i was thinking about the whole "goodbye to
birdie" thing ya know? and i was with kris, so i was
asking him about it. and i asked him if when she told him
that she loved him, if he had said it back to her. and i
was kinda talkin about the day he said bye to her, but i
guess he was talkin about in general or at all ya know?
so he said that he had...and he didn't know what true love
was back then (and that he knew that he was in love with
me tho!! ;P)... yea so when he got in the car, she said
he was a dick and had been acting like one for a
while...and he called her a slut. and she got mad, and
started crying, and he looked out the window and said that
that's honestly what he thought...and that he'd been
hearing things about her that he'd never heard before and
stuff...and the thing about "i like you luis, you break up
with her i'll break up with kris and we'll go out" she
admitted to that... yup yup and he said something about
not lovin her anymore... so that was all a relief to
hear. i got all worked up about nothing, but you all know
me. me and my assumptions... i always assume the worst...
and i guess it's better than assuming the best (still bad
to assume!!) cuz that way i'm not as disappointed by the
horrible ya know? alritie, well yea, just good news for
me to share! :) kris is such a babe! hahaha! today he
was being so silly~ i love the boy~!