abby c

wow... that sucks
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2001-09-23 15:04:09 (UTC)

i wnat my mom to stop treatign..

i wnat my mom to stop treatign me liek a kid... i'm so sick
of sayign to myself that when i get my license and a car
things will be different. they will be, but they'll find
soem way to twist me into some shitty ass rules that make
me have to get hoem early... it doesn't matetr anywas cuz
i'm not goign to ahve any kind of fun time for abotu 2
years.............. i hate being friends with older kids,
i emna, i liek them and we ahve the best times but i am the
one thats always callign my mom and checkin in. my mom has
cahnged all the fuckin rules to, all of a sudden... i
probably got drunk and told her soemthign i shouldn't
ahve... except i dont knwo what?

i'm not a bad kid.

my parents are fighting again and they didn't even sit down
for breakfast. fuckin losers i hate them both. i think
i'll eat soem breakfast and then take a shower.. before all
i had was a banana.... btu i ate a ton yesterday so.... i
dono, whatever

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