Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
2003-02-11 07:24:10 (UTC)


I speant today by myself at home. Everybody else goes to
school or work and i sit at home waiting for either Uni to
start or for some form of employment to come knocking at my
door. I went down the road to apply for some local jobs...
this would now be about the millionth time that I have done
this. I have a job at the present. I work at a paint Shop
on Saturdays. But last week I got my hours reduced to 4 a
week. Now this is something that is very gay. I need way
more work. I have to buy a car soon. I need to get my self
a new drum kit very badly, as well as this i need to pay
for university.. text books, and everything alse. Why does
this world require for us to know things. It doesn't really
matter in the end i mean. By the time we die we're not
going to be much less oblivious to the reason for our own
naive lives as what we were when we were first concieved.
Yeah I was very lonely today.. I ate a heap of chocolate..
a litre of ice-cream and a whole pizza. Damn i must sound
more depressed than lonely... Or maybe that's why I was
depressed.. becasue I'm Lonely. I couldn't wait to call cam
today... he finishes school at 1 o'clock on tuesdays... I
wanted to ring somebody to have a chat.. i was very lonely.
hmmm sometimes being alone is the kingest thing. But
today.. well damn.. not today. The new Zwan Album comes out
on Monday.. well that's when it's coming out in Australia..
it might have come out in those United States of yours
quite awhile ago.. but anyhoo... Hmm I speant alot of time
today on the smashing pumpkins forum. I love that band..
they are so damn beautiful.. the best songs are pumpkins
songs. They are without a doubt my favourite band. I think
the only band that I like that would be put in the same
ball park as them would be Radiohead. Radiohead are very
good as well... So damn cool they are. I went to the Big
day out about a month ago now and I saw some very good
bands.. Foo Fighters were there.. The vines also (kick
ass!) Queens of the Stoneage too! I listened to alot of
good music that day. 2 days later me and phil (my best
mate) went to see another Vines concert... It was in this
smallest little auditorium which could only hold like 500
people. it was tight and I was right at the front.. i'm
talking about being 2 meteres away from Craig Nicholls here
people.. wow what a claim to fame.. I touched his arm too..
that makes 2 now... i've also touched the leg of the Alien
Ant Farm guy.. but they suck! Hmmm anyway.. to put my life
into perspective a lot clearer I'll admit something to you
all.. i miss my Gab. I wanted her here all day. I wish I
could hold her and whisper into her ear once again that I
love her (she used to shiver when i did that.. hehe) Oh
well maybe I will get to do that again one day. I am
currently listening to my entire collection of Smashing
Pumpkins Albums... I'm up to Mellon Collie and The Infinite
Sadness (The greatest bloody album of all time). I just
started it though.. the current song is 'Tonight,
Tonight'.. one of my fav's such a beautiful carefree
youthfully romantic song.. One of the reasons I love about
the pumpkins is the fact that they are so damn romantic.
True Bohemians they are. Life would be sweet being a
bohemian. live for 30 years.. love life.. and then kill
yourself.. so amusingly ironic! anyway.. goodbye viewers..
until tommorrow... By the way.. I am lonely. FAREWELL!