Squeeb's world
2001-09-23 14:42:36 (UTC)

Pink Tafeta and tractor trailers...

Ok, what the heck was I on last night?! I had one heck of a
muffed up dream. I woke up laughing, to tell you the truth.
I dreamt that I was getting married to S- woohoo! However,
in the dream it didn't LOOK like him, but still, supposedly
it was him. So I'm dressing in this gorgeous dress and Kim
is my maid of honour, duh, of course! But the strange thing
was that instead of Jess being my other bridesmaid, it was a
member of Kim's soccer team. Ok. And so then things just
kept going wrong. For some reason we were supposed to be
getting to the wedding in a tractor trailer. Huh? And so S
is in the cab and I'm like "OMG! He can't see me in my
dress!" So I climbed up into the trailer, meanwhile my dress
gets stained with oil. At this point, the Evil T is like
laughing- why SHE was there, I do NOT know. And so then
there was a mix-up with the bridesmaid dresses. They were
supposed to be maroon but Evil T had them switched and there
were these horrid pink tafeta dresses. So Kim who hates pink
is like "I am NOT wearing pink" and got dressed in another
wedding dress. While her soccer teammate dressed in the
awful pink dress. Then I'm running around this house in a
stained wedding dress looking for my Dad... it was a weird
dream. But at least I was gonna be with S, right?
Oh! The other day I had an epiphany! One of my teachers
was talking about grief and how sometimes people react
stronger to when the last link between a loved one leaves
rather than when the actual loved one dies or leaves. This
so makes total sense to me. I was wondering why I was taking
Kurtis's departure so hard but I believe it's because he was
one of my last links to S on the team and so it makes it so
much more difficult. But... Kurtis could still come back!
Hoo boy! If that happens you'll hear me squeal on the other
side of the country. I do miss him.
Anyways I better do my homeowrk. Yesterday I fell asleep
watching Winnie the Pooh- that's how productive I was. Nah,
I shouldn't say that, I did get a lot of research done. But
today I actually have to write the proposal. AND I have to
call Jess because it's her birthday. Scary to think that her
and I have been best friends for 12 years now. Wow! Anyways,
later skater!

Current mood: content, yet missing S
Current music: "Stronger"- Britney Spears. Lol, no it's not
NSYNC but it's Justy's girlfriend! I'm a nut (=

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