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2001-09-23 14:41:03 (UTC)

Friends and Other Neat Stuff

My friends in the yahoo furry club are awesome, they always
cheer me up. I feel alot better now.

Last night we had a neat chat and I got to hear Yama and
Lyanscotts voices. Yama looks kinda scarey, but he's got
one of those voices, you know... um.. Ah, he has a
disarming voice, its very calming. Lyanscott has a slightly
deeper voice and he was sorta hindered by braces, not sure
what kind. He also, sometimes, sounded like he had a
femenine voice, not sure if he meant to or if it was
because of the braces. It doesn't really matter, I just
notice these things. Heh, they all said I sounded scarey, I
can understand. Almost all the 8th graders were scared of
me I found out, even though i'm trying to be a pacifist!

Oh, i'm gonna have to apologize to all the kids at school
for being weird. Its part of my personality to try to push
people away. I do want to make friends, so I hope this
works. All for now I suppose

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