my life...
2001-09-23 14:23:25 (UTC)

My Scott

Dear Diary~ So here I am again...2 more Homecomings and
then it is all more dances until winterformal
which I think they are screwing us out of thsi year and
prom..I have by far the sweetest boyfriend in the entire
world...I was a little weary of starting a relationship
with someone that I didn't know all that well but then I
thought hey why not?? I mean I liked him and he liked
me...and everything is going good...This weekend has been
nothing short of amazing...Scott and I were hanging out on
friday and we had one of those amazingly beautiful silent u know what I mean?? It's like u don't have to
say anything but it still feels like u are saying
everything in the world...I adore that kid more than
anything...he's great:) I think this may actually
last...Homecoming should be fun...I am all :) lol well I
have lots of things to do... see ya