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2003-02-11 05:31:02 (UTC)

The "Glow"

Supposedly I glow...and supposedly she glows back...

How you may wonder, did I come across this piece of
information? Or more likely, you're probably wondering
what the hell I'm talking about.

Well someone came up to Anna and pretty much stated that
she knows that I like Her. Like WTF? Are we that
obvious? I don't feel like we really look overly "in
love" or whatever...we aren't touchy feely, we don't have
little "in" jokes or anything that would really make
anyone feel I don't get it. I'm sorry but
are we glowing in the dark or something cuz if my grandma
can see it and so can naive little innocent
children...what does that mean?
I'll tell you.
It means we should just go ahead and start fucking-if
everyone thinks we already are then who cares?
A little easier said than done for obvious reasons...but
if I'm pushed I'm afraid of what might the
last night when I so could have kissed close...if
the circumstances were slightly different...would I have?

But what does that have to do with anything? Like
UGH...but thanx Anna for giving me hope and by saying
She's cute...cuz she is such a sweetie...and to quote
Anna "I want to be with her, always" well the always part
scares me a little but for now I'm willing to go with that
but hey, I'm realistic.

Oh and Dev said he wouldn't be like "where's your
girlfriend" to Her cuz he wouldn't be able to keep a
straight face, but he's going to ask if we're going
out...that should be interesting (Dev's dying gasps are
already being heard!)

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