Censored For Your Pleasure
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2001-09-23 14:12:26 (UTC)


I want to get out of here! I have to get out of here! I
have no money and no job, I'm stuck in my own finatial
dependancy and I hate it. Everything in this world revolves
around money, it's stupid. I told my parents I was ganna
get a job and move out anf they laffed. I hate to admit it
but they're proably right. Although, their laffing just
gave me move insentive. I NEED to get out of here. I can't
stant this cage I'm in. Like on of those birds. You let it
out every now and again but u clip it's wings so it can't
fly and then u bring it right back to it's cage again. Even
when it's out it's still stuck. I wnt to find somewhere to
stay NOW! I want to move somewhere till I can get a job and
then move into my own place but that somewhere doens't
exist. lol I AM SUCH A LOSER

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