2003-02-11 04:56:47 (UTC)

long time

me and my online diaries, i'm such a geek. but i haven't
written in this thing in sometime now, so i will. writing
on these boogers actually helps me, because i really like
to write and it's the way i get things out. so yeppp,
anyways. nothing much has been going on lately, just
chillin' with everyone- as usual. i think i'm kind of
losing one of my best friends, i sure do hope not though.
other than that, things are pretty spiffy. could be
better, buuut they could be worse too, so hey. no
complaining from me ;) ohh yeah- my grades royally sucked
on the report card. got a 'd' in spanish, and a low 'c' in
trig, not good times i tell you. but my parents were cool
about it for the most part, i think. valentine's day is
coming up, a day that i really don't like at all. i wish i
had someone this time, but hey, what am i gonna do about
it? nooothing. the band has a show this sunday, i'm
excited for them, i know they'll do good even though
practice hasn't been going on lately- they're awesome
guys. my birthday is in 9 days, my sweet sixteen, whoopdy-
frickin'-do. i doubt i'll be getting anything though, so
oh well; just another day. then the band has another show
on the 21st at plan 9, that's real neat, and while i'm
there, i'll be buying tickets to see the all-american
rejects for the 22nd. then justin's birthday is on the
24th, sweet.. i guess i'll get him something with my
birthday money, if i get any. oh yeah, i found out tonight
that brand new is playing may 1st, i'm so excited, i
am going this time, fo rizzle. :) mannn, i miss
paul being in my classes, it's just no fun now in biology,
and my study hall is -annoying- as crap because of a
certain person. but oh well, atleast i still see him, good
times. my leg has been hurting a whole lot lately, like a
constant stingy pain in my knee, it's not fun at all, but
i guess i can just suck it up and live with it. well i
better roll on to bed, i just wanted to write in this
thing because i was bored, don't think anyone reads this
anymore anyways. laaaaater :)