Tweek's Mind
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2003-02-11 04:45:07 (UTC)


I don't know what to feel anymore. I'm just so jaded. I
never thought I would get this lost and confused over
something so minor. Usually when you trip and fall over
something little, you can just get back up and continue.
But I just can't seem to. I try and try again. And I just
keep on falling back down. Flat on my face. And I'm finally
done with falling and feeling the pain of it all.

I feel awful because I know I'm hurting people with what I
am doing, but this needs to happen. It needs to change. I
need to learn who I truly am, and what I truly do want and
need. It is important despite what some poeple believe.

It's 11:47pm.. I have school tomorrow.. And yet I am
sitting here @ the computer writing to my journal.. I need
sleep. So that's where I am headed. It may not seem like I
let a lot out above. But trust me.. I did.. =)