The confusing epic of muh life
2003-02-11 04:20:52 (UTC)


ok well i woke up reali late 2 day muh skool starts @ 8:15b
and i woke up at 7:45 so i got dressed put on muh make up
and did muh hair in record time and was done about 8:07 but
then muh mom went and got meh a bagel so it was like 8:30
wen i got 2 skool so i wasnt that late it was kool but muh
dqay was boring but lol sam and kristen want 2 make a home
video this weekend of meh dancing kristen and alex fiting
and sam "tripping" into the pool w/ all her clothes on lol
its another 3 day weekend and valentines day is friday :X
another sucky day where i am reminded i have no b/f o well
i dont reali want 1 commitment still scares meh i juz turn
people down ne wayz sam and ivan r going bac out in guess
b /c i read his profile and it says sam P u r the best g/f
in the world :X makes emh sic ivan is disgusting lol sam p
got grounded hahaha ne wayz i got muh new dance schedual
HECTIC man o mman ne wayz 2 nite these 3 guys came 2 the
studio 2 c these 2 hendrix chix that were in muh jazz class
and theyw ere like pullling down there pants in the hall
and stuff so they got kicked out hahaha cracks meh up ne
wayz i talked 2 matt now that hes home thank goodness and i
do need him even more than i think ne wayz jen talked 2 meh
yesterday online and is like did u talk 2 shannon about meh
or did shannon talk 2 u about meh and i was like brb rite b
4 she asked thank god then she called and i was like im on
the other line whihc i was and then i had dance so i never
called her bac and she kinda sorta asked meh again 2 day
but a unch of people were aroundso she didnt reali state
her question ahahah she thinks whitney said sumfin 2
hahahaha shes retarded newayz she worries meh so does sam
selfish bitch jk jk but she is selfish and shes gunna get
into alot of trouble soon ne wayz ive gotta blowdry muh
hair b /c i put it upp 2 day so i wanna wear it down 2
marra and emma is calling meh 2 nite hahahaha she did the
dumbest thing last nite she pierced her eyebrow w/ a safety
pin hahaha and she took marker and colored her tips purple
shes 1 crazy chick ne wayz she finnally took it out hahaha
she cracks meh up ima miss her wen she goes 2 payne ( this
skool 4 reali smart people) she scored like all 98's on her
honors testing and so she aplied ne wayz i g2g i luv ya bye
byez 4 now !~

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