2001-09-23 12:51:24 (UTC)

"Won't you come waste your life away with us?" cowboy bebop - preview for session 14

poor ralph (my computer). She's been on for almost the
whole weekend. only times i shut her down was when that
damn blue screen of death showed up. fortunately i found a
way to save any downloads i had going on kazaa- unplug the
phone cord from the tower - then just restart her.
"why?" you may ask?
because otherwise i'd lose anything i had partially
downloaded that was still continuing when ralph rebooted. i
found that out the hard way. i've gotten 2 sessions with
her already this weekend. gonna try to get at least one
more today. *then* she can rest.

still sick. have been all week. it's starting to piss me
off now.

i also think i might be reading too much about the marquis
de sade. gothie lent me a book about his life, beliefs,
etc... and a lot of it makes a hell of a lot of sense. puts
a lot of holes in the catholisism theory. i'm starting to
question it somewhat like the marquis' characters too (not
that i'm complaining). course i stopped following their
theories long ago.
call me a satanist and i'll laugh at you.
try to 'save' me and i'll laugh at you too. (or hiss and
run away- depends on my mood.)

did i mention that one of my characters names' means "help
me bend over this insolent red-head" in japanese? Best part
is, his female counterpart has auburn red hair. her name
translated into "tire diearreah research". *shrugs*

i'm gonna go watch hillbillies play with knives now.

^.^ X