**KeLlI BlAbBiNg**
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2001-02-23 06:13:31 (UTC)

Diary, Feb. 22. 2001..

Diary, Feb. 22. 2001

Today was a BORING day! But I found out that on Tuesday I
hafta work at Sam's Club from 9:30 to 12:30? I dunno why,
I'm only 14 and somehow the school wants me and like four
other people to go and experience a 'manegerial point of
view' whatever the hella that is! I really don't wanna, but
they nominated me since I'm soooo sweet and innnocent
and....lol, I'm kidding! Anywho, nothings happened for
ONCE! Just came home, watched a little MTV and fell asleep!
I had a weird dream though! I had a dream that I was
wearing my hoops (like when do I ever NOT wear them?
hellllo! lol) and Daniel was pulling on them and I was like
bending over so he'd stop and then these two little bitches
I hate stopped and then kicked me in the side! What the
fuckles does that mean??? LOL, oh well :) Gotta go, it's


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