The diary of Mari
2001-09-23 11:27:57 (UTC)

Read about MY life

Day 1 23.September 2001

Hi everyone!

My name is Mari and i can promise u that my diary will be
fun. I am 13 years old and something happens to me every
day. I guess i start telling you about my closest friends?

First it is my two best friends at the moment; Hege and
Elina. I gotten to know them wery good after we started in
new school. They went in A and I went in B in children
school so then we didnt know each other that much....

We often makes unserious phone calls to free numbers to for
example Children Contact Phone and Sex, Youth and
Realationships! :)

Then it is Tove. She was my BEST friend before. Then she
moved to the other side of the country (norway) and we
slipped apart.. Now she moved back but nothings the same.

Then it is Linn and Aria. They are just some friends I hang
out with at School.

I dont have that much good friends. One girl named Anette
is a good friend but she is just so much popular than me.
She is bestfriend with a girl named Ashild, she is much
prettier than me to...

Nothing special happened to me today so i guess i write
back later?

Love, Mari