What goes on in my own little world
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2003-02-11 02:41:41 (UTC)

Fustrated, but fine..

You want to hear some shit? Today I had one of
those "parent teacher conferences today. That sucked
ASS! Well first I was late which is not good; because
that means that my teachers and mom got to talk without me
defending myself. But all day up until then I have feared
me getting in trouble at that stupid meeting. I just got
off a months grounding for going to Atlanta and not
telling my mom, and it ended this weekend, and I figured
that I would go right back on now that she is having a
MEETING WITH MY TEACHERS. But over all it ended up pretty
well. My teachers said I was real smart, but just don't
like to challenge my self or do work. WHO DOES? You
know, the people that teach the kids which the kids will
rule the world soon, their teachers are dumb as shit. So
pretty much it's the blind leading the pretty much blind.
I mean fa real, some teachers are just CLUELESS! And they
are supposed to be our mentors? That's crazy shit. But oh
well, if our mentors are stupid and we're stupid, that
sets the bar lower for the majority of the world, and
makes me look a little bit smarter.

So, me and Jackie, a good friend not to mention
beautiful, fun, and one of the coolest girls I know, haha
were making a video for our first period. It's for the
guys over seas and all the armed forces. We get
everything ready to finish up, but I can't save the
project, because my computer is being an ass. And you
have to export the project into a movie which usually
takes 10 minutes for every minute. So if you have a 5
minute project it takes 50 minutes to export to a final
product into a movie. Well since I can't save it, I might
as well export it to a video and then record it on tape,
then I can't lose it on my computer. So when I try to
export it, it says 12 HOURS. What’s up with that? And I
can't close it and do it later because it won’t save. The
project took over 2 hrs to put together. What am I
supposed to do? I guess I will just let it run over night.

Hmmm... man.. It’s been a month, I have been
grounded, and now I'm not. I feel... kind of free.. I'm
almost afraid to go out and do something, well not really,
but almost.

You know, the other day someone asked me if I get
pleasure out of small things other people is weird. And I
guess well maybe... some people don't like fishing and I
do.. So I guess.. Then she corrected me and said "No, like
I love to write on sticky notes. I could just do it all
day." That’s about the time I decided not to talk to this
person any more.

All right, so there is this girl at school. I don’t
know her name, don’t know anything about her, she's not
beautiful, she's not popular, she's not all those things u
want. She almost looks like a want to be punker, or like
a no doubt person. And she looks like she has that kind
of style, like dressing and everything. This is not the
kind of girl I ever get into. I like the nice preppy,
kind of freaky behind closed doors, but no one knows kind
of girls. But this girl doesn't fit any of the things I
like. But for some reason I just think she's sexy, and
honestly, I want to hit it. Isn't that weird? All I know
this girl by is "the black haired girl." That’s all I
know, but damn I want her. I have never talked to her,
and don't like many of the people I see her with. But I
still want to get with her. The next time I see her and
I’m near her, I AM going to stop her and talk to her, and
just tell her straight up how I feel. And as you have
read in the past, I don't want a relationship. That’s NOT
what I want from her, what so ever. But damn.. Something
about her, and really, there is nothing really about her,
but to me.. For some reason...

You know who my heroes are? The old guys walking
around with the hot ass girls on their arms. Yeah they
are about to die, and chances are, they will die in bed
because the young brauds know a couple of good moves, but
I mean what a good way to go. If you're old as balls,
chances are your not going to find someone to love and
blah blah blah. Might as well go find a gold digger and
have some great sex and die that way. Then leave 90% to
whom ever u want and the other 10% to the hoe bag for some
of the best sex that scared u to death. My heroes...
Another one is this Joe Millionaire guy. How he got to go
on TV, lie to a bunch of bitches about being rich, when
he's really not, spend money like he's rich, get with some
girls, then get rid of them for more, and still win the
girl he likes over in the end. I mean DAMN... he's pimp.

Well I’m out; I will try to write something tomorrow,
I’m sure I will have something to say about these stupid
people in my life, and some of the good ones. Peace,
Tip of the day: Guys, girls are bitches most of the
times. They are good for a lot of things that your guys
won’t do, or things that you only want a girl to do. Guys
are always there for things u need in your life; don't
choose a girl over a guy. It's not worth it. Girls..
Well... girls are bitches, they are good for some
things... but guys are there for you, and they have what
you need and want. Girls are mostly hoe bags... mostly.
Song of the day: Superman by Eminem