x failure by design x
2003-02-11 02:41:02 (UTC)

i think i made it a game to play your game

stuff i wrote

My hope in you is built up so high only for it all to come
crashing down. Your words, your lies, they hit me like a
ton of bricks. Im out, Im knocked off my feet. My body is
swimming in a pool of blood streaming from my back right
where ur lies sliced thru my skin, crushing my spine,
killing my strength, making my body cry. my cheeks are
soaked now and all i can feel is my heart ripping into
pieces and falling into your hands, there for you to keep.
Another souvenir for your collection, another death of a
gurl who gave her all.

my only friend is a tear. everday he greats me. he
nourishes my eye. he lets me know my heart still exists. my
cheeks are his home. he streams down my face like a flowing
stream. he is always there. me friend, my trustworthy
friend, you never let me down, but im sad to say, i wish i
saw less of you. through times of happiness i love you but
i would bid farwell to you forever if i never had to hurt