12 String Dreams Journal
2001-09-23 11:01:06 (UTC)

The Song Of The Wingless Bird

The song of the wingless bird is all that flies. Through
the forest of fallen timber.
Space ignored and time forgotten. The angel of the beast
The eyes of his captain, the souls of his game. He takes
much more than life.
The eagles eyes, the cheetah's stride all taken by his
With hopes and dreams his eyes they gleam. With love each
soul is taken.
The love of tears, the love of fears, the love of all
His claws they hold the sparrows flight. His heart's an
empty well.
He'll touch each soul but only once. A guided trip through
And through his reign of time unknown, few have had the
To hold their soul, not letting go, and face his hellish
So one by one and two by two souls taken day by day.
Lovers lost their hopes, their dreams, their love was swept
Then two were taken to the gates of hell the edge of
eternal sin.
They stand there with their souls in hand, amongst the
screaming wind.
Through blood that flows, through ice and snow the beast
would not give in.
Then two would stand, a woman, a man, amongst the evil sins.
The beast would howl, his rage was fierce. His sources all
Their souls in hand, the woman and man now thrust their
wishes higher.
A brilliant flash, the thunder roared. Souls were two now
United they stand, the woman and man, and aid the rising
Hand in hand, there they stand, in the forest of fallen
The wingless bird between the two, ignites the burning
The flares of hope with warning glow, are carried by the
The eagle sees the cheetah run, the sparrow flies again.
Here they stand, the woman and man, and their new found
wingless friend.
The three now one, unto the sun, listening to the wind.