12 String Dreams Journal
2001-09-23 10:59:05 (UTC)

Dirt Road

The rain fell cold. Almost frozen yet more refreshing then
a hindrance. The wind beats against the window and the
lightning flashed. It brings back memories of storms gone
by. It seems so long ago, so far in the past. I'd hate to
forget the things I've fought for, or even the ones that
fought me. I'd hate to think that the road I've traveled
was always paved and clean. I'd hate to think that I'd draw
back in fear if the road ever turned rough. My past will
always be on the dirt road even though my home has always
been in the city. My friends will always be back roads even
though they may never leave the asphalt. The one light town
I grew up in may have more lights then the city I ran away
to, but I still run back to those dimly lit streets in my