12 String Dreams Journal
2001-09-23 10:58:07 (UTC)

The Past II

My mind drifts back in time to a spoiled little girl. I
remember how much better her bike was then mine. The shiny
chrome Diamondback if my memory serves me. I rode the spray
painted home made one. I always rode better of course. I
remember taking turns playing her little pac-man watch.
She'd play till she was bored with it, then it was my turn.
The toys got old and so did we. Things broke and became
unwanted. Tossed to the side with all the things of years
gone by.

I lost track of her, for years I guess. Even her memory was
lost for a while. Like all things we throw away, in time

Someday I wonder, since the jealousy is all but gone, if we
could be friends again. I wonder if she would ever want to
be friends. Now that her toys don't out shine mine and I've
got my own games to play. I wonder if she will ever
consider me an equal and a friend, an allis not an enemy. I
wonder a lot of things but I know I'll always ride better
then her....