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2003-02-11 02:01:54 (UTC)

Big Empty

I was just thinking about something that happened today.. I
was driving home from school.. and I saw this familliar
car.. and I look inside.. and I could have sworn it was my
ex from awhile ago... It might not have been.. he might be
at college... or living with a cult somehwere for all I
know... but that's not the point anyway... the point is.. I
haven't thought about this kid in FOREVER until that
moment. And it kind of brought back memories about when we
dated and when we were friends.. not all were pleasent...
but for the first time I actually looked at the whole
relationship in general.. and I couldn't believe how
quickly it ended... One day you're really good friends..
and the next.. arch enemies.. it's nuts. This happens all
the time with me. I swear.. I'm so opinionated... and I
have absolutely NO tolerance for people who treat me
badly ... not that I regret any of that.. I like being this
way.. I couldn't see myself being a pussy... (for lack of a
better word).. I've ended a lot of friendships on spur of
the moment decisions... usually after arguments... and I
know I'm better off without those people as friends.. but I
never thought he'd be one of those people... the kind that
ditch you as soon as other friends come along... it's
crazy.. you think you know a person.. then bam.. it's like
you're talking to someone you've never met. When I look
back at it now.. we never should have went out.. we had
absolutely nothing in common.. and we fought ALL the time..
but it was nice when we were friends... I just can't
believe after all the things he said to me that he could
break off a friendship without thinking twice.. Oh well..
It's crazy how seeing him for a split second.. (or someone
who looks like him) brought all that back...

Anyway...I've still got the great friends I've always had..
stuck with me no matter what. They're great.. and they
know who they are.

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