2003-02-11 01:59:45 (UTC)

my first entry

well this is my first entry i feel special!!!!!!!!!!!!well
i am 14 i am from is a great place to be but
sometimes it kinda boring.......well as u can tell i ahve a
boy friend his name is sean..we have beeing going out for 5 will be 6 on march 2nd!!!!!!!!!!! we are
engaged...but we arent going to get married untill after
high school and stuff so dont worrie!!! well i go to
st.edmunds prep high school.......i have 3 best friends who
i ahve known for a long time and they are Cat Bridget and
Chrissy!!!!! they are like the best friends a girl could
have they are always there for me no matter what..and wow
have we been through alot....i think we could write a 2000
page i mist be going now i have madd
homework to do!!!!!!! bye bye