my diary said it didn't want a name
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2003-02-11 01:54:39 (UTC)

something i just remembered

i saw this somewhere.

although i can't remember exactly how it was worded it wen'
a little summit loik dis... oooh aaarr

a stupid mind discusses people,
an average mind discusses events,
a great mind discusses ideas.

and something an old mate of mine said that makes me laugh
everytime i think about it.

"eat my pussy and i haven't washed it"

i love that, although im thinking of sending myself to some
kind of mental rehab clinique (did i spell that right?) for
liking it.

everytime someone like you is pissing me off. i hear her
saying that and it cheers me up.

well, no, it doesn't, but at least it doesn't make me any
more pissed off than i usually am.

yeah yeah, play some slipknot and try and slit your wrists
with a butter knife.