12 String Dreams Journal
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2001-09-23 10:54:57 (UTC)



Not something I've promoted or condoned.

Not something I've practice with any degree of success.

Nothing I've tried and failed.

Is it necessary.

Is it suggested.

It seems the more people I talk to the more I understand
that most people don't want to reflect on much. Even good
memories seem to get thrown in the closet and toss by the

Bad memories get thrown away for good, good times get
forgotten, forgotten times remain that way.


The change of direction.

Usually used in relation to light but seems to be
appropriate to life.

Every decision we make we reflect first then refract.

We think about other times we've had decisions to make and
what the outcome was. We think of the roads we chose and
the directions we went. We think of the times we ran, the
times we hid. The times we lied to others and ourselves.
After all the reflections have faded we proceed to change

Sometimes, even when we seem to be heading in a straight
line, the subtle changes of life are still present, just
overlooked and ignored.

Thinking, reacting.

Listening, speaking.

Understanding, explaining.

Living, dying.

It's an ongoing process of reflecting and refracting.

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