12 String Dreams Journal
2001-09-23 10:53:47 (UTC)

My Life

1971 - March 9th, Born in Anehiem, Ca

1976 - 5 years old. Started school in Happy Valley,

First crush, Kelly Whalen. She never knew.

1978 - March 8th, Amanda Romine was born. This is kinda
funny. As I sat probably awaiting my birthday party the
following day, thousands of miles away the woman I was
going to grow old with was being born. It gives me a
strange feeling and a feeling of purpose. Maybe fate. Maybe
it's just a comfort to know that things are working for me
even when I don't think or know about them.

1979 - 8 years old. 3rd grade, Minco Oklahoma.

1980 - 9 years old. 4th grade, Riverside, California.

1981 - 10 years old. 5th grade, Anderson Heights, Anderson,

1983 - 12 years old. 7th grade. Anderson Middle School,
Anderson, California.

1985 - 14 years old. 9th grade. Freshman at Anderson High
School, Anderson, California.

1986 - 15 years old. 10th grade. Home study in Anderson,

Found a Roy Clark song book in an old abandoned trailer.
Went to the local flea market and bought a guitar. I had
found something that I would never put down and would never
let me down. I had found music, or music had found me.

1987 - 16 years old. Took GED and started at Shasta
Community College in Redding, California.

I met James Davison and he became and will always remain my
best friend. I'd drag him away from class to play pool and
he'd buy me beer.

Started working at Radio Shack.

Bought my first vehicle, 1977 Honda 360twin motorcycle.
Cleaned it more then I road it and road it as often as I
could. Treated it like a woman and crashed it like a
relationship. Found out motorcycle don't fare too well when
put up against a truck. We gave it a proper burial.

My next vehicular victim has a 83 Ford Escort.

1988 - 17 years old. The Escort had it's final day on an
icy bridge between Anderson and Redding. A car spun out of
control cause a fourteen car pile up. My Escort was used to
quickly slow a Semi-truck to a stop. It too got a proper

1989 - 18 years old. Finished 2nd year of college majoring
in electronics. Certified Electronic Technician.

Registered as an adult with the United States goverment.

1990 - 19 years old. Met Angel Weathers. First girlfriend
first kiss.

After spending the longest time borrowing vehicles I was
ready to kill another, and kill I did. 1985 Mercury Capri.
I drove carefully and took care of it till the final, fatal
error. After doing some work and general maintenance, I
drove of to pick up my first girlfriend for a first date.
The motor strained under the pressure that arose from the
lack of oil in the engine. Yeah, I forgot to put oil in the

I got an 85 Mustang that had nothing intact but the engine
and put all the interior and exterior parts of the Capri on
the Mustang. Most people would have just changed the motor,
but I'm not most people.

1991 - 20 years old. Moved with Angel to Sacramento.

Shortly after arriving, Angel left and me and Tina started

Met Jeff Oxborrow, fellow guitarist. He lived in the same
apartments. If not for the walkway, our patios would have
met. We played together then played with his drummer, John
Barnes. We found a house in Penryn, California and made it
our band house. With Eric Struck on bass we played day and
night. Fights and disagreements were plentiful but the
music was unbeatable. I learned a lot and grew a little. I
learned more on the river then I did on the stage and
forgot more then I'll ever remember. I wouldn't trade the
memories I do have for anything.

I worked For Ed and Kenny painting apartments and houses. I
learned a lot from them to, but nothing I'd want to repeat.
Maybe a joke or two when I get really drunk but that's
about it.

Spent a short time with my favorite groupie, Lola
McCutcheon. We hung out at the lake and she even moved back
up to Anderson with me but that didn't last long and I
guess it was never meant to.

I spent a couple months with Wendy Steele. That wasn't her
real last name and I'm not sure what her real one was.
There's a lot I'm not sure about Wendy. That was the way
she liked it.

I traded my 85 Mustang/Capri for a 1947 Willys Jeep.

Got my first and only hunting license. Went once, not for
me I guess.

1992 - 21 years old. Met my childhood friend Renee.

She was a friend from my past and there was a connection
between us at first. I felt like I had found love for the
first time and she felt nothing but fear. She found out she
was pregnant and I was ready to start a new life. I got a
house for us to live in and started building a life for us.
She started pushing me away and running but I was dead set
on making her stay. I guess I shouldn't have tried so hard.

The engine in the 47' Willys blew and I borrowed my
Brothers 1977 Ford F150 4x4. Green was it's name, primer
gray was it's color.

I also bought a 1977 Honda CB750. With my luck, having two
vehicles couldn't hurt.

1993 - 22 years old. February 25th, Cody James Simants was

Rumors fly around in the wind that Cody was not mine. I let
them fly, paying no attention. I heard them and they
weighed heavy on my mind but I wasn't going to let them
stop me.

I sold the truck and the motor cycle. I was driving some
little mutant thing that I had built in the garage. It
started off as a Dodge Omni and I'm still not sure what it
ended up. I also had acquired a 1977 Datsun 280z. It was
driven for awhile but not much. It was left parked at my
parents house the rest of the time.

July 6th, Passed my Amateur Radio Test. KD6YXM.

August 12th, Dakota Orion Devor was born.

1994 - 23 years old. October 1st, Married Renee.

Before marrying we moved to Sacramento and stayed with some
of her family. I thought we would get along if we didn't
have so many people trying to interfere. I was wrong.

We fought on the way to the courthouse. I can't remember
what about, but once again I wasn't going to let anything
stand in my way. We fought after the marriage and she went
back up to Anderson to stay with her parents.

I followed her shortly after and went back to work for Ed
at his new painting business. Nothing last long and
everything I tried failed. I felt I had to go.

1995 - 24 years old. October 16th, Join US Army.

I spent my basic training in Fort Lenordwood, Missouri.

I brought Renee and Cody to Georgia to stay with me during
AIT with special permission from the army. I took her with
me to Dothan, AL a couple of weeks later. Spent 2 months
there till she left to go back to California. Got the
divorce papers a few weeks later and the call telling me
Cody wasn't mine and to stay out of her life. Once again I
followed her wishes. I bought a 1989 Subaru XT from a car
lot. The nicest car I had owned. It leaked oil and broke a
time or two. Had a few new dents but is still on the road
today as far as I know.

The Datsun 280z got sold. I never thought much about it.

1996 - 25 years old. I met Kristine who I credit for
keeping me sane and getting me back on my feet. Young girl
with an old heart and my best friend though the worst time
of my life.

Moved out of my apartment and in with some friends on post.
Ian and Serina.

Kristine left me to go back to an old boyfriend. Oddly
enough it was the right thing to do for both of us. I still
thank her silently from time to time.

I made friends with Don Tomasko and spent the rest of my
time in military trying to stay out of trouble. It wasn't
always easy but I sure had a lot of fun.

October 16th, Discharged

1997 - 26 years old. Went to Arcata, California and spent
some time on the rocky coast of California. Worked at Sears
and played on the beach. Wrote a lot and drank about the

Met a lady over the internet by the name of Savanna. I
realized a lot of things about my self and learned how to
express my feelings. There's a lot I could thank Savanna
for but I'd rather just say Thank You.

Couldn't make California feel like home. I sold the Subaru
and bought a 1971 Ford F250, a camper shell and packed it
till it dragged the ground. Took out a few items and headed

1998 - 27 Years old. February, moved to Huntsville Alabama.

Met Amanda.

Tina started working, Dakota started school. I stayed on
with Sears.

Tina headed back to California to find better work and to
escape from me a final time. Sometimes things don't work no
matter what you try, and we had tried everything.

1999 - 28 years old. July, went back to California. Needed
to make sure the things I was feeling were as serious as
they felt. Needed to tie up loose ends and visit with
family. Had to loose the feeling of missing what I had
called home so I could make a home where I had the

September 23rd, moved back home to Huntsville, Alabama

November 27th,Married to Amanda

2000 - Back at Sears, this time in Asset Protection. Bought
an old Toyota, it died. I resurrected an old Honda
motorcycle to get me though the summer. I finally got my
Ovation. It's blue with the oak leaves. With it I got a
Roland harddrive multitrack in hopes off putting down my
songs like I've put down my words for so long. So far I've
had little luck in the song category but I've got time. Got
too cold and wet to ride the motorcycle daily, I still ride
it every chance I get. I now drive a 98 Dodge Dakota on the
rainy days and spend the sunny days cleaning it. I get
strange looks when I go out to dry it after a rain storm,
but let them look. Over 5 years have passed since I've
spoken to Renee or any of the clan. Yesterday, Nov 6th, I
got an email. With an open line of communication I wrote
back. What will come of it, who knows.