12 String Dreams Journal
2001-09-23 10:45:02 (UTC)

The Game IV




I woke up this morning, good start.

I turned on the television, turned on the shower and
started up the coffee pot.

Found a cigarette on the coffee table left from the night
before. Stepping over the cloths that covered the floor,
finding my lighter, I made my way to the bathroom.

As I let the hot water wake me up, keeping the cigarette
protected from the spray, I finally come to life.

The game has continued. I play the cards I thought I needed
to and some I had to. She took her time, she even took the
dice for a night to make sure the game didn't go on without
her, the returned the following day to take her turn. Once
again our pieces sit side by side.

With everyday that goes by, my faith that the round will
run it's route and lead to the next round grows stronger.
My belief that the game will run it's course with only a
few minor hitches grows clearer.

I'm learning to trust, she's learning to compromise.

I'm learning to believe, she's learning to talk.

I'm longing to watch the game through tears and smiles.

She's willing to play.

We laughed last night and held each other's shaking bodies.
We laid on the bed and laughed about things that could have
been fights. We played when we could have fought.

All in all the game is looking pretty good and now it's
time to let the game be played in the background and not
spend every moment concentrating on it. With so many things
to concentrate on, some things need to be left to faith.

We believe in each other and can convey our Love.

Let the dice roll.