12 String Dreams Journal
2001-09-23 10:41:05 (UTC)

The Game II

Having completed the rules to the game, I sat back and read
them a time or two. I think of the broken rounds and
shattered games I had played and think of all the rules I
had broken. The cards I played where not always fair and
seldom did I ever finish a round. Never was a round finish
with my opponent and the game was always cut short by
choice. I will read the rules again and again until the
game becomes more clear and I will attempt to convey these
rules to my opponent.

It may seem odd to play a game with such restricting guide
lines and vague rules but sometimes it's the only way to
play. Sometimes we need to see past the gray areas and
right our own rules. Sometimes we need to keep our cards
handy and play them carefully.

The thirteenth card will always be a mystery. It's the part
of the game that seems to make no since, yet it's always
there to be dealt with. Finding an opponent that will share
that card is the only way to deal the deck fairly. Find
that opponent that understands the rules and the game will
go on. Avoid those that would rather play by their own
rules and those that re-write the rules regularly. Throw
the dice carefully, gently. Don't search for the round to
end or the completion of the game. Just play. Just enjoy.
Play the game fairly