my diary said it didn't want a name
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2003-02-11 00:51:33 (UTC)

this diary + masturbation.

im not going to proof read anything. if its down in my head
its down on the screen.
i'm learning to write lyrics for myself now. i used to
write what the band wanted and people needed, but feeling
fake everytime we practiced started getting the better of
me so i've returned to "late-night-secret-thoughts-that-

keeping everything i'm writing tightly under wraps until i
get the balls to face the possibility of being booed of
stage for expressing thoughts people clearly aren't ready
to hear.

for now, i'm still fake in the studio.
not for long.


i haven't beaten the shit out of that little bishop for a
while now. i pollished up yesterday after getting back from
the gig after gathering thing, but that doesn't count.
having people try to kill each other to your music SHOULD
give you an erection.

its strange how using my left hand feels better but i can
only cum when i use the right, don't you think?

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