12 String Dreams Journal
2001-09-23 10:35:23 (UTC)

Your Bed

You made me laugh. That's nothing new. Your probably the
only person that can say that. You said you felt bad as you
stretched out in your bed, so comfortable and relaxed. It
didn't strike me as funny till the bus closed it's door,
released it's brakes and headed back out on the road.

In the last couple days I've seen the California vineyards,
the deserts of Nevada and the salt flats of Utah.

I watched as the rolling green hillsides, full of fruits
destine to be harvested faded into barren landscapes where
very little grows. In the midst of the rocky terrain I
gazed across what seems to be a quite lake or a stretch of

I looked left then right seeing only the world the way God
intended it. The winding road and old train tracks lay as
the only reminder of man.

From where I sit I cannot see where I'm headed, only where
I'm at. As in life, a true test of faith. I know ahead lies
surprise. The cities, the land, the people I'll meet. But
I'm content to enjoy where I'm at.

Between the blue sky and the ever changing horizon, all
that is missing is you.

I'm sorry you had to sleep in your bed last night.