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2003-02-11 00:43:17 (UTC)

just another day

Today in school was ok i guess. It didnt start snowing
till later in the afternoon. I got in trouble in mrs
kwiatkowskies class lol. I was writing a note to sha and
she comes over and snatches it outt my binder. It was
scary! lol then shes like to the whle class DO YOU SEE THE
STEAM COMMING OUT OF MY EARS? and shes like is it visible?
can you see the steam!? and its all because of me..do shes
gotta friggen chill out it was jsut a note! and in the
note was some not to good stuff that she shoudnt be able
to read lol. well anyway...sides that Our game was
canclled. I actually wanted to play some bball today but
it was canclled:( o-well. I went over vanessas housetoday
after school cause i had no ride home. So vanessa missed
her bus on purpose lol. Well then went to her drumming
lessons it was cool. She was learning how to play jail
house rock. hehe. IM soo bored!!!! well the news on
patricia and vanessa is not good. Patricia said that shes
not gonna fight vanessa. SHES SUCH A GOD DAMN TWO FACED
PU..y! shes soooooo gay omgggggg no ones likes her!...yo
im gonna go eat pizza and i know this entery was
broing..but what ca i say! IT WAS A BORING DAY!!!
hey...that rhymes peace!