A Day in the Life
2003-02-11 00:42:39 (UTC)


Hot damn! It's been a while! It's been like a month
and a half since my last writing (if anyone actually
reads this), but it's been a pretty good run. Until now.
When you find out your roomate and his friends,
whom I considered friends myself, are backstabbing
sons of b*tches. You see, I have a stash of beer in my
room only me and my roomate knew about. Pretty good
size stash. And I keep a little in the fridge. I go home for
the weekend, he stays an extra night because it was
snowing and his dad couldn't come until morning.
When I come back my fridge beer is gone as well as
my stash. My roomate comes back and he tells me that
his friends took the beer and were going to replace it
before I got back and I wouldn't know about it. He says
"I told them not to take it. Sorry" (wow that sounds like
bullsh*t) Well, good job motherf*ckers! You blew it! It
would've been real hard to ask me, huh? Goddamn!
Now I know that those two goons don't respect me, I
can't trust my roomate, and now I know all three of
these jack*sses liked me cuz I got a sh*t load of
movies, a sh*t load of games, and a sh*t load of beer. I
sure the term I'm looking for is used. Especially when
they would borrow a game or a movie, would they even
ask me if I could watch or play a game with them? Naw,
why would they. Then if I tell them this they say "All you
had to do was ask." But then I ask and then they talk
sh*t behind my back saying I'm a tag-a-long.
Wooooooo! Man I with friends like these, who needs