12 String Dreams Journal
2001-09-23 10:34:14 (UTC)

Long Ago

The sky has turned passionately pale as her words remain
vivid in my mind. I wonder how long they'll linger, loosely
translated and intricately memorized. Some of her words are
familiar, others are strange and foreign. Everything she
doesn't say, says more then anything I hear when she's no
where to be found. I'm stuck in the 'once upon a times'
and 'remember whens. I'm focused on the 'I wonder what will

The streets have become quiet and desolate. Winding
aimlessly into the distance. Endlessly traveling and
returning, littered with memories and dreams. The lights
pass two by two and fade in a eerie red glow. The sounds
grow stronger as I become blinded by the light. It grows
louder and louder, reaching deeper and deeper inside me,
holding me close then pushing me away as the night, once
again, becomes silent.

It wasn't that long ago. Surely it wasn't that long ago. It
seems like just yesterday I sat and spoke to her. Words
flowing free and emotions running wild. Laughter and tears.
Endlessly searching for new ways to say the things we've
said before. Forever remembering the things we've said.

It's hard to imagine someone that will always be there. A
friendship tried and true, a Love unconditional. At least
for me. It's hard to believe in something I've never seen
and trust in anyone. Till you.

In you I have a friend that will listen when I need to
speak and understand when I need to be alone. I have a Love
that will hold me when I need held and push me when I
become stalled in the midst of a problem. I've found, in
you, a relationship that is not described in any book,
painted on any canvas. or spoke in any language.

In you, I found a safe place to sleep, a quiet place to
think and a warm place to dream. Beside you, I stand and
forgive the unforgivable and embrace the unlovable. I can
speak to those I know will not listen and listen to those I
do not understand. I see the things that try so hard to
hide both around me and inside me.

In you I feel.

The night has turned cold. Still filled with the warmth of
your embrace I retire till the new day begins. A smile run
across my face and returns to rest upon my lips. Suddenly
the words disappear and I'm left with just the feelings.

I Love You....