12 String Dreams Journal
2001-09-23 10:28:41 (UTC)

The Journey

The rented chariot sits poised in the courtyard. Tied down
and loaded up as I go to rest for the night.

I retrace my scribbles as I fade off to sleep. Page after
page of lines and landmarks. Hours turning into days and
days turning into a lifetime. I trace the paths and make
mental notes as the lines run into the words and the words
begin to fade.

The night drifts by slowly as the moon makes it's solemn
trip once again.

I wake to find the few items I left out. I load them as the
sleeping sun still hides below the distant horizon.

It's a strange morning. The empty streets seperate the
homes that all sit darkened. The wind too sleeps quietly.
Everything seems at peace with everything else. What could
cause such a peacefulness.

I check the horses and the reins. I walk around the chariot
looking for potential problems.

It's a long journey I'm setting out on.

It's been a long time, maybe too long.

The clouds are heading north as the wind remains calm.

I wake up the horses and grab the reins in hand.

I bring the team to life and point them the to west.
Watching as the familiar sights become less familiar and
the sun blinds me with it's initial light.

Good bye.