12 String Dreams Journal
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2001-09-23 10:27:43 (UTC)


I feel I must close.

Not the end, but certainly making some sort of effort to
bring some closure to this chapter.

The story will go on. It will continue in a new direction
along a new path.

It will take new turns, and leave new feelings in it's

The flow will be strong as it always is and carry with it
new dreams.

Just typing the word now seems wrong because of the dreams
that have come before. Maybe on the distant shores the word
will take on a new meanings.

I won't forget everything and won't regret anything. I will
go silently as has been said before, I will go quietly and
leave no words behind. Those things I do leave behind I
will miss and will keep them always close.


Tomorrow will find me.

Tomorrow will never leave me.

Tomorrow will keep me safe.

I know that today and every day I live.

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