12 String Dreams Journal
2001-09-23 10:23:55 (UTC)


I ask you now, the questions that steal my sleep and plague
my days.

Dreams forever fading, forever a fading dream.

Was it me.

You would probably be the only one who would really know.

The lost child of yesterday.

The man alone, afraid to pray.

Beyond your vision fell my tears.

Beyond my tears you found yourself.

You too cried but only on the inside.

Am I aloud to still speak the words you waited so long to

A friend in need of a friend only to be found in yourself.

Both of us found that friend.

Me with you and you in yourself.

I lost that friend, yours grew forever closer.


One word used a thousand times in thoughts and dreams.


The only answer accepted but never understood.

Love creates an understanding by destroying all defensive
walls we built out of pain from the past.

The past, my personal guide to everything my future holds.

In the absence of you my vision clears to see the haze of

With you, tomorrow does not exist.

Live for the day.

Die for the moment.

Wait for the next moment.