All That I Can't Leave Behind
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2003-02-10 23:59:26 (UTC)

EPAA - Part II

>And you know,
>And your sky is feeling blue,

The color of the sky is, in fact, naturally blue... but the
fact that it "feels" blue is not. And I know that life has
its ups and downs, perhaps more downs than ups, and I
cannot take this at face value -I cannot avoid this
overwhelming feeling of nothingness

>And your heart -- it's so cold when I'm with you,

When people get too close, I turn them away... show no
emotions, no pain, no weakness

>And you feel, like no one told you to,

I still have a sort of twisted passion, even when others
tell me not to feel or to turn away and seek better things,
I feel and love with rebellion...It comes so easy loving
Jeremy, and noone can tell me why

>And your time is your side.

The situation that I am in determines my actions,
oportunistic thing that I am, seeking temporary solutions

>And you'll talk to me,
>Oh don't talk to me,
>Oh don't talk to me,
>Don't talk to me...

I talk to an ear or two, but even they don't understand,
what it's like to be in this skin, walk in these shoes, a
prisioner of my own thoughts. So I cannot talk to them
anymore... they do not take it seriously, I think, if they
go in too deep.

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