Depths of an Adolescent's Mind
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2003-02-10 23:54:53 (UTC)

Valentine's Day.

Am I weird for not liking it? I think I'm the only one I
know who doesn't like it.

But, I visited this messageboard for people who don't like
V-Day. My opinion about it isn't as...erm, intense as
others, but still.

Just about everyone at my school has someone they can share
the holiday with...I'd like it better if we at least had a
dance on Valentine's Day, but nooo, we had to have the
Mardi Gras dance the week before. Insane, I tell you.
Well, I guess I can always look forward to holiday
grams...my friends and I always get into that...woohoo, a
card and a lollipop made of virtually nothing except

If I may quote Ashley, "Aren't I a little ray of sunshine

Aargh, I guess I'm still in a Grinchy mood. Maybe I'll feel
better during V-Day...congrats to all those out there who
have someone to share it with...like Adam and Paige, Dan
and Gabby, Scott and Jennifer...the list goes on.

I'll be back later...I still have a project to work on.

Actually, counting the history project, I have two projects
to work on.

***What do you think of Valentine's Day? I really want to
know people's opinions, so please leave feedback.***