12 String Dreams Journal
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2001-09-23 10:21:03 (UTC)

Good Bye

Is it a leap of faith I'm searching to hear or a subtle
signal I'm awaiting to see.

I can't say that I'm being realistic or patient, but I can
say I'm being me.

I need to know.

I need to understand.

I need to believe in what I hold in order to hold the one I
believe in.

I can feel me pushing. I can feel the pressure building. I
want to be pushed back and put in my place. I just want to
know what it is I'm fighting for and if it will fight for

Will it stand for me when the rest of the world sits with
it's back to me.

Will it laugh for me when I feel only like crying.

Will it lay down for me when I cannot sleep.

Will it stay with me.

Instead, I push, it offers to leave.

I pull, it pulls away.

I ask, it offers no answers.

It explains very little when it speaks at all.

When the fear of the future finds us it's the first to

I flea tonight alone.

I flea into the darkness.

Good bye.




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