12 String Dreams Journal
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2001-09-23 10:14:22 (UTC)

Remember I Love You

So is this the way it will go? Is this the way it's going
to be? Is this what people are going to see when they look
back on us and remember how it use to be? Will the pictures
tell a different story? As we flip though the scrap book,
will the dates be forever engraved on the tombstones of our
failures? Will there ever be a time when we can truly rest
in peace?

I'll be the first in line to admit my mistakes. Most of
them get pointed out to me on a regular basis others are
known only to me. Secrets held deep inside to keep people
from using them against me. Am I not as strong as I once
was or am I just smarter then I've ever been.

I'm still not sure what it is I'm doing or why I'm doing
it. I only know that what I've done cannot be changed. It
would be ridiculous of me to ask others to forgive and
forget when I myself have been unable to.

Forgive me for crying.

Forget me tonight.

Forgive me for lying.

Forget the words I spoke so harshly to you last night.

Forget everything I've ever said, done, thought, or felt.

Forget me.

Forget us.

Forget it.

Remember I Love You.