12 String Dreams Journal
2001-09-23 10:13:43 (UTC)

Dance of Truth

An interesting passing of events. An eventful passing of
interest. I fight the urge to fight or follow. I follow my
instincts and lay down peacefully in the shadow of the old
oak tree. The leaves have mostly fallen making a blanket of
greens and golds that stretch as far as my eyes can see.

Through closed eyes I imagine us there. Walking, laughing,
kicking the moist leaves revealing the dormant grass below.
The rain taps on the quickly expiring leaves creating a
rhythm that makes our hearts dance.

Where hearts go bodies will follow.

But our bodies did not follow, they fled. They ran. They
hid in the darkest corner of our minds. Faith turned to
justification. Dreams turned to reality. Love turned away.
As I awake the painful truth reveals it's ugly face. It
laughs and mocks me. It dances around wildly. Arms waving
in the air. Feet twirling across the bed of dead leaves.
The dream of rain falling became the reality of tears
running from my eyes. We all have to wake up sooner or
later. I just wasn't quite ready for this dream to end.

Truth completes it's dance as the song of rain finished
it's symphony. The instruments are packed up, the checks
are paid, the doors are locked behind us....