12 String Dreams Journal
2001-09-23 10:11:16 (UTC)


Fuck this.

Fuck me.

Fuck you.

A passing thought that refused to pass of a dream that
passed to quickly.

Not to jump the gun or jump in front of bullet.

Not to expire....

There just must be an explanation, a reason, an excuse.

The weather has turned my direction. The days still turn
for me.

Is it this spinning that sends me spinning.

My head spins again.


Good bye....

Your afraid?

I scare you?

You don't cry. You don't feel as far as we know. As far as
we can tell your as far from us as you can be.

I join the masses. Join the club. I join others in the same
boat. I sail with others with the wind that blows us from
your heart. The stars in your eyes become just another aid
in navigation. The darkness, just another obstacle.

Don't blink. I may lose my way.

Don't sleep....

Don't cry. Not that the thought crossed your mind.

Don't give up.

Don't give in.

Fight when necessary.

Let others back you.

All others in your corner. At the sound of the bell we all
need some ringside. Between rounds we all need someone to
wipe the sweat from out brow and tend to our cuts.

Come out swinging.

Come home with your guard down.

Let things go, let nothing be forgotten.