12 String Dreams Journal
2001-09-23 10:08:36 (UTC)

I Wish Her Well

That didn't take long....

The rain trickles down the living room window as the wind
disrupts it solemn path. The lights dim momentarily as the
wind whistles between the door and the jam. Again the
lights dim.

It wasn't the wind that blew her away that day. It was the
calm between the gust. It wasn't the clouds that brought
her down or obscured her view, it was the occasional patch
of blue sky.

It wasn't the nights.

It wasn't the mornings.

It wasn't any time during the day.

It was just that time of her life.

I'm glad I was there. I wish I would have been there more.
I fear I might never be there again.

I considered crying.

I thought again.

I tried to laugh to no avail.

I considered leaving.

I thought again.

I stood there silent and wished her well.