2001-09-23 08:27:08 (UTC)

September 23rd 2001 - Major Update.

Well, i the past week or so alot has happened.
Aj and me broke up and haven't spoken since Tuesday. It was
my birthday on Tuesday (16th), but Aj being my lovely
boyfriend that he was, didn't even get me a god damn card.
I bought some over-knee pink and black stiped socks. Some
kewl jeans, a jacket and i'm going Leicster today to do some
mad shopping. I got completely drunk last nite, and had a
great time out with my mates.
Emma was being a bitch last nite, she went in a car with
Dean Petts and some others, and pretended to be asleep when
they drove off so we wouldn't be in a mood with her, but we
know she was awake and she's a bitch. She just wanted to go
and fuck one of them probably. She was drunk, so she might
have done anything.
I miss Aj even though he treated me like shit, i can't get
any better. Well, i can, but i've lost my touch at flirting.
I can't be bothered to write anymore, so see ya.