listen to my silences
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2003-02-10 21:20:19 (UTC)

you know...

you know someone is your best friend when you page them at
three thirty in the morning, and when they wake up at four
fifteen and see that you paged them immediately call you
back. and you paged them with your emergency code because
when you paged them it was an emergency though now you
realize it could have waited till morning and it was not
really important. now they have called you back and want
to know what the emergency is and you feel silly and say
that it is not really an emergency anymore. but you tell
them what it was. and they help you and just to prove that
it was an emergency in their eyes, because it was in yours,
and that they care, they call you the next day long
distance and talk forever and then decide that they are
going to take care of part of this and tell you that but
not what they are going to do and then promise to call you
later that evening, long distance again, to talk to you.

final thought: one year yesterday. a day of beginning. a
day of ending. can i cry now?