Kat Eyes
2001-09-23 08:07:11 (UTC)

really later on...sept.22,2001

sept.22,2001 (still)
ok.i know i'm writing in this thing WAY to much.but
hey,writing this much in a book totally sucks!i'd have hand-
cramp for life!ok,so dad and lissa came back from the hard
rock cafe.apparently,he didn't ask her to marry him(which
is what i orginally thought)that's sorta a good thing i
guess.he gave her the ring,that i know.well,i entertained
myself while they were gone.i rented 'the wedding
planner"and "cast away".hey,everyone says they're both good
movies.cast away was a little wierd.that dead guy who
washed up on shore was super creepy.i wonder how i'd keep
myself busy if i was stranded like that.i thought it was
really funny when he was talking to the volleyball and was
like oh,i have a dentist named spalding.i was laughing so
hard,i started coughing.i know that's lame,but i'm easily
ammused.so it's like 1:04 in the morning and i have school
on monday and i'll never get up in the morning.i'm to lazy
to clean my bed off to go to sleep.well,i guess thats all
for now

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