pollen makes me sneeze
2001-09-23 07:52:10 (UTC)


i HATE visiting family & friends you haven't seen in ages
cuz all the ever do is comment on how tall you are. uncle
roland's funeral was especially bad.
"my, how TALL you've grown since last time i've seen you!"
maybe it's because last time they saw me i was five years
i'm not even that tall anyway. i was a hundred and sixty-
six and a half centermeters last time i checked, but i
dunno. i was wearing four-inch heels at the time. i wear
four-inch heels whenever i go out now actually. i like
being tall cuz then you can sort of look down and sneer at
people who annoy you. melanie's really tall and all the
teachers are scared of her because she intimidates them.
she got kicked out of st. helen and now she's in our class.
i think she'll be expelled if she does anything else, but
she's not that bad really. she's kind of nice actually.
blah blah. i want to change some stuff in my homepage. the
bloody things annoying me. lizzie's meant to be back from
camp this week si i mite give her a call and see if she
ended up killing abigail or not :))