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2003-02-10 20:17:16 (UTC)

Another Brick In The Wall

Well...I failed algebra... as expected.. What I didn't
expect was to get a fuckin D in english... I've had a B in
every english class until now. I've always had awesome
english teachers... Mrs. Ray in 8th grade... Mr. Murphy
(the all time best teacher) in 9th and the awesome D
Squared in 10th. Now I have...well.. the worst english
teacher in the history of school. A teacher who wasn't
sure if Nigeria was a state of a province.. when in fact..
it's a country. A teacher who thinks "innocence" is
spelled "innocents" and "raise" is spelled "raize". I
won't say her name because that would be mean, but I think
those of you who go to my school know who I'm talking about

Oh well.. maybe I'll open up a fast food chain when I
graduate. Or star on a reality tv show. That seems to be
the way to go these days. I could always sign a record
contract and become a millionaire... I mean.. if these
retards on the radio who can't even sing can do it... so
can I. I was thinking of opening an Italian restauraunt.
I'd call it... Angelineie Fettucinni.. it'd be awesome. I
bet Robert DeNiro and Joe Peci would eat there all the time.

Anyway, I've gotten messages from people I know and people
I don't know saying they like reading my journal. I find
that surprising seeing as how it's been a laundry list of
complaints since the first entry. Thanx anyway tho... and
keep reading... it can only get better from here.

Title: Pink Floyd

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