my manic world
2001-02-23 03:18:48 (UTC)

tick tock goes the clock, as..

tick tock goes the clock, as minutes pass, hours, and
days. the day is almost gone, the sun has set, i have done
my thing. i only got mad once today. just one time, and
not too mad, just a teeny bit. what do you think about
that crystal?? do you feel better about yourself? well i
sure do. the beauty, wow, she definately is that. i saw
her today, those deep clear blue eyes that i could gaze in
for eternities. her innocence, that of a 12 year old girl
pulls me to her with such great magnetism. but her
youthfulness is so decieving, because when you look into
those eyes, those deep clear blues eyes, you can almost see
ancient rome, and teh egyptians of the past. oh how i love
her. i still hurt some what. i don't know why. my hand
is looking mighty wonderful though, all bruised and
swollen. i've gotten use to it though, the swelling is
more like scar tissue now. sometimes i can look at it and
almost feel relief. well kiddies, the bed awaits me,
wouldn't want to disappoint it. good night to all....